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Farewell to November

Having received one of the final pep-talk emails from the Nanowrimo crew, I have to say I really do regret not having had the time to participate this year. Committing to a couple of short story submissions and taking on some book projects, on top of the regular job, took all the time there was. I’m hoping I can tackle my own novel-(or novella)-in-a-month next spring – but in the meantime, hats off to writers who won Nano this year and here’s hoping that those of us that couldn’t find time this year will do so in 2012.


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More thoughts on Procrastination

My friend Lara Schiffbauer, over at Motivation for Creation, has been writing about procrastination lately, so it’s been on my mind.  I’ve also been thinking about it because I didn’t meet my summer writing goals and now that September is here I have to decide what to do next.  Set smaller goals?  Establish a rigorous system of penance?  Hire a writing nanny to lecure me on my apparent laziness? Continue reading

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