I am an able if not a remarkable cook. From time to time I like to scour the interwebs for new recipes to try. Sometimes I am pleased with the results of these culinary adventures, sometimes not. I’ll share and review recipes of merit, when I find them.

Curry Soup – this versatile recipe calls for chicken and chicken broth, which can be swapped for chickpeas and vegetable broth if you want a vegetarian version. I omitted the green pepper (increasing the celery and carrots) and it turned out fine.

“Easy” Baklava – a good recipe, but gets a vote of no-confidence for being supposedly easy without considering that first-time phyllo-dough users will choose this version to start with, and not realize that phyllo dough needs 2 hours to thaw (however, this recipe is great for phyllo veterans).

Puffin Inn Apple Bread – this is the holy grail of dessert breads: moist, not overly sweet, freezes nicely, tastes excellent with butter or without. I tracked this recipe down to make use of extra apples at harvest time, but it’s so good that I make it year-round.

Curried Chicken Breasts – I leave out the Dijon mustard (as part of my personal code of conduct, I do not eat things that are yellow and smell bad) and this recipe still turns out fine.

Waffles (from scratch) – an easy-to-halve recipe, one that I prefer to add a little extra milk to so that it pours more readily into the waffle iron.