For anyone new to Goodreads someone once described it to me as “like Facebook without all the dickery, and it’s mostly just for book-lovers.” I suppose that’s just about the best way to sum it up. Instead of finding out my acquaintances’  angst-ridden political views, I can log on to Goodreads and find out what my friends are reading, check out book reviews, and get updates on book-related blogs. It’s not social-networking so much as book-networking, and that’s freaking awesome. 

You can also keep track of what you’re reading, what you thought of it, and set yearly goals on how many books you want to read. That is super-handy for those times when you’re asking yourself “have I really read every single thing that Robert Parker ever wrote?” – a question I routinely ask after swapping in different author’s names.

I’m always happy to connect with new friends (especially when we don’t have to subject each other to angry opinions), so pop over to Goodreads and become my friend. (It’s easy to set up an account, if you haven’t already.)




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