WorldCon, Spokane, Extravaganza

I’m headed to Spokane in August for WorldCon 2015 and have narrowed down my list of tourist activities (not that I’m going to have time for even these few). Within walking distance, there’s the historic River Front park carousel, which I will absolutely go get in line for, but mostly I want to ride the one tiger it features. (One tiger! One!)

There’s also Atticus Coffee not too far from the convention center, and Auntie’s Bookstore. On the other side of the park is the Chocolate Apothecary (importantly, online maps indicate it’s a 12-minute walk from the convention center). Avista Stadium, home of the Spokane Indians, is less than five miles away, for baseball fans.

Also not far from the Spokane Convention Center is a Sushi Maru. I’ve only been to the one in the Seattle area, but will try the Spokane one if there’s time. I stumbled upon some scant info for the Spokane SkyRide but reviews vary in enthusiasm. (Apparently the gondolas are extremely hot during the summer, so morning is the time to go.)  Outdoor enthusiasts with time on their hands could rent a bike and take the Spokane Centennial Trail all the way to Couer d’Alene. (I will not be doing that, alas, but highly recommend it. I’ve ridden a section of the Idaho portion and found it well-maintained.)

I had hoped to map out nearby coffee shops more thoroughly, but Brews Bros Espresso and Daily Grind Uptown don’t really have websites, leaving Next Door Espresso as the next nearest local shop I can link to. There’s a Thomas Hammer and a Starbucks in the vicinity as well (offering web-surfers all the joys of their corporate-HQ sites). Atticus it is, then!


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