National Novel Writing Month

So. Nanowrimo. I spent a lot of time considering which idea I’d tackle this year. I’ve got a whole cache of ideas waiting: a post apocalyptic one, a werewolf one, a fantasy one, a steampunk version of ‘Puss in Boots’ that’s way cooler than it sounds (and, come on, it sounds pretty cool already). But this year, since I was already exploring mystery in a Gotham online class I decided to tackle a mystery. I’m simultaneously revising a time travel novel and, comparing the genres side by side, I can see all the pros and cons. Writing a modern-day mystery means having to get things right (things like how the legal system works), and you can’t just make that up. I enjoy research, but will admit, it can be a bit exhausting if you’re tackling a profession or a scenario that you don’t know much about. Of course, while you’re free to make up things like “how time travel works” it can be a real challenge making a made-up thing sound at all believable when, say, you know nothing about physics.

I’m bouncing back and forth between the two and wondering if I’ll end up loving contemporary crime fiction more than speculative fiction. Realistically, I imagine compromising and eventually writing sci-fi detective novels. That could be even more awesome than steampunk Puss in Boots.



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  1. What you said about “Writing a modern-day mystery means having to get things right” resonated with me because I was trying to get some historical things accurate in the steampunk novel I’m writing for NaNo and then yesterday it hit me: I don’t *have* to get it right. It’s an alternate universe with, you know, clockwork stuff! I can make things and dates up if I wanted to. Duh. 😀

    SciFi detective novels would be wonderful! That reminds me I should re-read some of Asimov’s robot detective stories.

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