Mark Sheppard at Tree City Comic Con

Before the madness of Nanowrimo starts up, I wanted to say something about Mark Sheppard‘s appearance at Boise’s first-ever comic con. He was awesome. You can see a clip of him speaking at the event. The audio is a little hard to make out in spots (the venue’s acoustics were not great) but if you really listen you can catch some of what he’s saying. (I was just delighted to find a clip from that day.) Even without getting all the words, you can tell how sincere he is. What he’s saying, basically, is how cool fandom is. He starts by saying that he doesn’t trust anyone who’s not a fan of something, and goes on to say that finally fans’ loyalty is starting to pay off, at least a little. There were, naturally, people in the audience in costume, and he said how great it was to see people “wearing what they love.”

His enthusiasm and respect for his fans made me like him all the more. And I liked him plenty to start with, he’s been in some of my very favorite TV shows. As much as I enjoyed the fact that I was seeing the guy who was Badger in Firefly, and Lampkin in Battlestar, and Crowley in Supernatural, I was really, really impressed with his public speaking skills. He was engaging the entire time, he spoke clearly, he took questions with great aplomb, and he was perfectly at home addressing a crowd. It made me wish I could be half that effective when I speak. It also made me reconsider the value of participating on discussion panels at writing-related events. Because after hearing him talk, if Mark Sheppard had been selling a book, I would have been first in line to buy one.

(I wanted to add thanks and credit to Natasha Stephenson, whom I do not know, but whose video I’ve shared here. You can find more clips she recorded from the convention here.)


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