Gotham (class, not city)

This fall I’m taking a mystery writing class from Gotham Online – one of my favorite places to get writing instruction. I used to think that a college education, combined with a few how-to books on any given genre, should be enough to get me started in any writing venture. And there’s nothing wrong with thinking that (because it’s probably correct) but it doesn’t account for time or discipline. The schedule and participation of a class not only keeps me focused on learning a new set of skills, but it also cuts out some of the trial and error that’s involved the learning.

There’s also the networking that goes on and critiques and individualized instruction, none of which come from a how-to book. I’ve taken sci-fi writing from Gotham in the past, but mystery is a new adventure. (It’s also one of my favorite genres to read.) So, here’s to learning new things! Hopefully I’ll soon be adding to my genre repertoire.


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