Galactic Football is Back!

I’m too busy writing stuff to talk about what I’m writing, but not too busy to suggest everyone check out Scott Sigler’s latest podcast! Book 5 in the Galactic Football League series is being podcast (available in hardcover and, by next month, as an audiobook). But, you can catch it episode-by-episode via iTunes or through his website. I’ll confess, I had my doubts about “sci-fi football” – but this has been one of my favorite series, ever. If you haven’t been following the series, I highly recommend the entire thing. (Just starting out? Start with The Rookie.)

Few things delight me so much that I think everyone should try them. The GFL series is right up there with chocolate ganache and amusement park rides that go upside down while spinning. Seriously. It’s that good.



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2 responses to “Galactic Football is Back!

  1. Right up there with chocolate ganache? Man, that’s high praise.

    I appreciate the endorsement, and I’m thrilled you enjoy the series.

  2. Kelly Horn

    Sweet! A comment from The Sig, himself (thanks for dropping by!). Can’t wait for the full audio to be available!

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