When the Taos Toolbox workshop ended in July, I left better equipped to tackle my writing and with lots of new ideas to consider when it comes to publishing. And then I got back to the nuts and bolts of daily life. Throw a couple of wrenches into the works, and it’s suddenly September, and I don’t seem to have accomplished a thing.

I kept planning to take the time to say something about Taos, but the experience was so complex that I couldn’t sum it up quickly or neatly. I kept planning to apply what I’d learned to my novels-in-progress, but what I’d learned was too much to put into immediate practice (like trying to unpack boxcar in a single afternoon).

So here I am, adding a blogpost to say that I’m doing things. Just not things coherent enough to report on -yet.




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2 responses to “September

  1. May I giggle just a little bit because you sound exactly like me after coming home from a conference. I have never been able to write a good blog post about my conference experiences. *sigh*

    • Kelly Horn

      I know, right? I feel like the awesomeness of the experience demands I say something profound and worthy of it…and I just fall short.

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