An Author by Any Other Name…

When I started this blog, as K. P. Hornsby, I had yet to publish fiction and I was working in a research position where I occasionally prepared blogs for an employer. I wasn’t sure at the time how much would I write publicly under my real name and I wanted to keep a firm dividing line between my fiction and non-fiction writing. Since then, however, I’ve had the opportunity to devote my full-time writing efforts to fiction. And, following the successful sales of Out of Time and the advice of my good friends at the Minnows Literary Group, I’ve decided to use my real name instead of my pen name.

Not, perhaps obviously, that there’s a huge difference between the two. That may be part of the reason switching makes good sense – it’s been more confusing than I meant it to be. So, before I get anything else published, allow me to introduce myself as Kelly Horn. (Yes, for a while that’s going to be “Kelly Horn, aka K. P. Hornsby” and I’ve got my work cut out for me changing things at Amazon and Goodreads. Baby steps.)

I’m also planning to update my blog more often. An ambitious new writing schedule has kept me working on three novels but left me no time for social media.



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