Book Review – Wired For Story by Lisa Cron

Lisa Cron’s “Wired For Story” explores the psychological reasons why readers love stories. This well-researched book explains how writers can craft better plots and create better characters by meeting the audiences’ expectations. Stories provide a means of answering the question “what if?” without placing the reader in actual peril. That’s why, Cron asserts, story tellers must never be lazy. It only looks like entertainment; stories actually help us chart a safer path through an unpredictable world.

Cron uses examples from books and film to highlight her lessons on crafting a successful story. This book is a must for any writer who’s ever said “well, this doesn’t make perfect sense, but I need it to happen to make the plot work.” But even experienced writers will benefit from “Wired for Story.” With checklists for specific tasks to improve writing and examinations of classic and popular stories, this is a book I recommend for purchase. If you borrow it from the library, you won’t want give it back. Cron’s writing shows the solid handling of an academic, but it’s fast-paced and engaging, a lovely, rare example of non-fiction written as beautifully as fiction.

Find out more at Cron’s website!


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