Out of Time

Fans, friends, well-wishers, and internet vagabonds, allow me to invite you to check out the anthology “Out of Time.” It features a story of mine, as well as stories by Paul Siluch, Janet Guy, Teresa Robeson, and by the collection’s editor, horror novelist Russell James. It’s a bargain at 99 cents and proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders. I hope you’ll buy it and I know you’ll enjoy the stories – modesty forbids me from embellishing my own efforts overmuch, but I can honestly say that the other four authors are among the very best writers I know. I have learned a great deal from each of them, and this collection showcases some of their best work.

The anthology is available on Amazon as well! Kindle owners, get your copy now!



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2 responses to “Out of Time

  1. Scott Sloan

    I enjoyed your story very much. Have you considered expanding it? I would love to know “what happens next”.

    • K.P. Hornsby

      Thank you! I have considered writing a short-story sequel – I also wonder what happens next for those characters, so I may revisit that one!

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