Steampunk Book Recommendation

A little scouting on Amazon lead me to discover a free Kindle version of Shelley Adina’s “Lady of Devices.” Partway through, I’m not ready to offer up a review just yet, but I wanted to post the link to it on Amazon in case anyone else wanted to check it out while it’s free. This is one of those cases where I’ll buy the next book in the series because, if the beginning is anything to judge by, I’ve just found a new favorite author. I think authors are wise to offer up a book for free – given how deep my to-read pile has grown, I can’t justifiably buy more books unless I know for sure I’m getting something I’ll enjoy. With Adina’s work, so far, it’s looking a safe bet for subsequent books in this series.


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  1. Thanks for the head’s up, Kelly!

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