Update on Novella(s)

I’ve really let the ordinary blog posting slip as I work on the current fantasy novella and the upcoming sci-fi one…but I wanted to let readers know that when “Curse of the Cur-Mage” is finished, I’m going to take down “Antiquity” and revise it with an eye towards submitting it somewhere. So, there’ll still be two novellas here to read, but if you’re still reading “Antiquity” be aware it’ll probably disappear mid-winter. (And, as always, thanks for reading!)



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3 responses to “Update on Novella(s)

  1. Will we (the Minnows, I mean) get to read your fantasy novella? 🙂

    • K.P. Hornsby

      Sure, if the group wants too! (Unfortunately, you know how novellas are supposed to be 40,000 words or so? Mine are always longer…this one’ll probably be longer than that, not that will surprise anyone!)

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