Matt Wallace’s Online Writing Workshop

I’ve blogged about it before, but Matt Wallace‘s online writing workshop “The Loose Cannon” is recruiting. I’ve been an attendee from the start, and while I owe some of my writing improvement to the Minnows Literary Group and the Gotham Writers’ Workshop I also have The Loose Cannon to thank. Besides being worth the time and money as far as learning goes, it’s also pretty darned entertaining. (It’s kind of the writing world’s equivalent of a gladiatorial arena, you show up and Matt gives you a writing challenge out of left field with ten minutes to come up with something for others to critique. You get to work on craft while also learning a new meaning of the term ‘deadline.’)

It’s been a huge help for me because I was easily bored in college and couldn’t pay attention to weeks-long lessons on grammar and sentence structure. The Loose Cannon is really like the Cliffs Notes version of everything I ignored as an undergrad. It has been on of the best investments I’ve made as far as my writing goes.

There’s more workshops coming up and if you’d like to know more, check out his website or contact me – I can tell you more and/or get you in touch with him. Besides the great workshopping part, you can sign up and watch me fumble around and get to know some other writers (attendees are from all around the world).



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  1. That was one hilarious post by Matt about the workshops…I love biting humor and this could be a good thing for me. Can you email me a bit more, KP, on how exactly it works? Is it like the Gotham class thing or something utterly different? Thanks!

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