Novella News

There’s now 2 chapter blocks up for “Curse of the Cur-Mage” – you can read through chapter 1-5 and then 6-10 as a set, but I’ll leave the stand-alone chapter 10 up until next weekend for anyone who’s keeping pace and just wants to read that one by itself. (On a related note, the upcoming novella is shaping up and, after having long billed myself as a sci-fi author, I can finally deliver something to prove it!)



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2 responses to “Novella News

  1. You don’t have to prove anything to me…I already know you’re an amazing writer! 🙂 I’m honored to be in the same critique group as you.

    • K.P. Hornsby

      Aw…you just made my day, and the feeling’s mutual, I can’t believe what a great group we’ve got (and that I get to be part of it!).

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