The Madness to the Method

So, it’s been three weeks since I posted a blog here. (Hey, the novella chapters are going up, I have to claim what victories I can!) July has been not only an extremely hot month but also a hectic one and I find myself on this final July Sunday confronting goals I didn’t reach and scrabbling to keep up.

That said, today I’m employing a tactic I devised during my undergraduate studies. I call this a “brute force” day when things get done. Here’s how: I make a to-do list of tasks that will let me think about writing while I do them (laundry, sweep the kitchen, etc.), then I select writing tasks that have gone begging. Then I get a stop watch. The to-do list gets 20 minutes, the writing gets 20 minutes, and eventually things start getting done. Restricting the time means there’s not a minute to waste.

I have no idea if this is actually a good idea, or would work for anyone else (your mileage may vary, and I may have undiagnosed ADHD, but that’s another story). And now, it’s time to devote the next 12 minutes to writing something else.




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  1. Hmmm, given that I swear I have ADD too (no H though; I’m really good at sitting still), I think I should give your method a try.

    Again, I am in awe that you’re posting a novella while writing tons of other things for the critique group and for submission.

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