Attention, fans of various genres!

So, Bruce Boxleitner is up to something. Further bulletins as events warrant. (I’m going to confess that a big portion of my interest here is in my long-standing obsession with his last name. It’s as fun to spell as it is to pronounce!) I’m not entirely sure, yet, if I’m a fan of Steampunk…I’ve really liked what little I’ve read, but since that includes one series by one author I’m biding my time before making an official declaration.



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3 responses to “Attention, fans of various genres!

  1. Is that Mr. Scarecrow himself? I don’t know much about him otherwise. :}

    Have you ever watched the movie 9? Aside from an issue of Shimmer (Clockwork Jungle…I highly recommend it), that movie was my major introduction to steampunk.

    • K.P. Hornsby

      I am totally adding “9” to my TV-rotation (when the weather gets too hot, cold, or smoggy for exercising outside, I watch a shameful amount of TV while I’m on the treadmill 😉

      • Well, you gotta do something when you’re on the treadmill, so it’s a perfect place to catch up on your shows! I had hubby rig a platform across the arms and I do my writing/critiquing/web surfing while I walk. Obviously, I rarely run on the treadmill… :}

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