Novella Follow-up

I wanted to say thanks again to everyone who’s been reading ‘Antiquity’ and to say that it’s now posted in 5-chapter blocks for (well, if not convenience, for fewer pages under that category). I’m going to post the whole thing next week as one enormous document and leave it up for a few weeks. Then (much more to my surprise than anyone else’s) I’m going revise the whole thing into something I can submit somewhere. Never at any time previous did I consider trying to get a novella published, but I can’t think of four good reasons why not (four being my magic number for weighing common sense). At that point, I’ll take it down…but, never fear, loyal readers, there’s an (even better, dare I say?) novella on the horizon.

Also, if anyone’s got a scene or plot point or character in ‘Antiquity’ that they thought wasn’t up to par, let me know. I’ve got to revise it anyway (and when it’s published, I’ll thank helpful folks in the dedication or something…check out how I used ‘when’ and not ‘if’ – my optimism has upgraded itself to genuine bravado).



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