To Be Continued…

With May well underway, a lot of my favorite television shows have either wrapped up for the season, or are about to. I’ll admit it with a measure of fondness and frustration that I recall some of the best-and-yet-worst season cliff hangers…Captain Picard gone AWOL with the Borg, Agent Mulder trapped in a blazing boxcar of smallpox-stricken aliens, Malcolm Reynolds discovering that River Tam had the makings of a pilot (oh, wait, that was an actual ending, and now I’ve just made us all feel bad…).

Those ‘to be continued’ endings left me hating the long wait to see the story continue and yet I loved the anticipation. Quite particularly in the case of Mulder and the boxcar, I enjoyed speculating how he’d get out, and then they never explained it (which was proportionally disappointing). So here were are, on the verge of summer and I’m toying with the idea of sifting through Hulu to find some older series to bridge the gap. I’ve got a couple in mind, but I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions to throw my way.  Perhaps obviously, I’ve already seen most of the best sci-fi ones. (I am dragging my heels through the last of Farscape because I don’t want it to end!)

I was going to wind this up with something thought provoking, but now all I can think about is how anti-climactic that X-Files season ender was. And then there was all that business with the bees. Well. Let’s leave it at that. But feel free to recommend any favorite series, or clue me in to your favorite ‘summer series’ shows and I’ll try to catch one of them.




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3 responses to “To Be Continued…

  1. Not so oddly enough, I know of all those cliff-hanger endings you mentioned! ;D

    What to suggest? Well, we started watching Eureka, but we’re not as crazy about it as we are with Dr. Who. A friend recommended Warehouse 13, so I’ll give that a try. We gave up on Heroes and Lost a looong time ago. We hung on longer with Heroes, but it got to be too stupid and annoying for us (Lost lost my husband at about the second episode…LOL!).

    You could always try Big Bang Theory if you haven’t been watching it yet. That reminds me, for some strange reason, that I need to try and catch the last 2 (and really, they are the very last 2) seasons of House.

    Right now, we’re all about Dr. Who, The Simpsons (we’re starting from the beginning with the kids), and Chopped (on Food Network). 🙂

  2. K.P. Hornsby

    Let me also recommend Warehouse 13 – it’s got a certain goofiness to it, but I love the cast (they do some crossovers with Eureka, which is now next on my to-watch list!), right there with you on Simpsons, Chopped, and Big Bang Theory, and watching House reaching an end. I keep meaning to get into Dr. Who (I’ve watched the first of the Christopher Eccleson series, I’ll probably get into it at some point).

  3. I’d never watched the old Doctor Who; we started with Eccleston and I thought he was really terrific. Then David Tennant took over (which was weird because I kept thinking “Barty Crouch Jr!” – from Harry Potter – LOL!) and I took a bit of time warming up to him, but now I, like most other women who watch the show, have a crush on him. Still, I’m eager to move along to Matt Smith…which will be soon because we’re nearing the Donna-as-companion era and my friend told me how that’s going to end and I am NOT please. ;}

    I’ll definitely put Warehouse 13 on my Netflix queue then!

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