New Year’s Note

I wanted to send a thanks out to anyone who’s still reading “Antiquity” and apologize for the sporadic posting of chapters (if it’s any consolation, chapters 21 and 22 are ready, but I’m going to wait a few days to post them!). I’ve registered to attend this year’s Potlatch convention and have been polishing short stories and searching Duotrope for places to submit. (I’ve got three out that I’m waiting to hear back on, and two in the revision process.) I’d list out all the reasons I’ve been busy lately, but instead I’ll share today’s motivational video. Not that the video’s all that motivating (funny, though), but I’ve always found this a good tune to work to. So, more chapters soon (another novella is in the works to follow this one), some real blog posts, and more book giveaways — really!



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2 responses to “New Year’s Note

  1. Have tons of fun at Potlatch! I’ll be birding in AZ. 🙂

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