Catching up

Just a quick note for friends and fans.  The bad news is I had to abandon my intentions for Nanowrimo (a shame because I had two decent ideas and really meant to bring one of them to fruition), but the good news is the reason why.  It turns out that two good professional opportunities have cropped up (both of the non-fiction book writing variety), so that’s what preempted Nano, and what’s delayed the Antiquity chapters.  But, having decided to bow out of the novel-in-a-month-madness means I can keep the novella progressing at a reasonable rate.  So, thanks for your patience and your readership; a new chapter will be up soon and, a new book review-and-drawing will also be coming up.  Check back soon, or subscribe and/or follow me on Twitter to get updates!


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  1. I’m glad good non-fiction writing opportunities have occurred for you! I’m so curious as to what they are now! Good luck in any case, and don’t worry about Nano – you can always do the madness whenever you want!

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