For Readers and Writers: Daily Science Fiction

Whether you’re an author looking for a new venue to submit to, or a genre fan in search of something new to read, check out Daily Science Fiction.  As the name implies, they offer short stories (in sci-fi, fantasy, slipstream, and alternative history) that subscribers can recieve each weekday.  (Friday’s stories are slightly longer to tide you over until Monday!)  Subscription is free, or you can visit the site and read stories there.  Older stories can be searched by topic at the website and a monthly digest (which includes that month’s story collection) can be purchased at Amazon for $2.99.

Artists and writers are invited to submit to Daily Science Fiction, and, in addition to paying by-the-word for first worldwide rights (and nonexclusive reprint rights), DSF is gracious enough to explain what that means.  Writers today need to have at least an entry-level grasp of copyrights (something I’ll explore in a later post), and kudos go to the folks at DSF for making themselves clear on the matter.   You can find out more about the editors in their interview with Diabolical Plots.  You can also follow DSF on Facebook and Twitter, just click the links at the bottom of right-hand column at their site (or click the links I’ve provided).



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3 responses to “For Readers and Writers: Daily Science Fiction

  1. I’m glad you promoted DSF! I hope that’s one ‘zine that will never close!

  2. Oh, I was just about buy a Kindle issue of theirs today…are we in sync or what? 😉

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