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Have hit a hectic time in my personal and professional life (and am, honestly, cramming in some writing and revising, just have nothing polished enough to share yet!), but wanted to send a thanks to everyone who’s commented (and thus signed up for a chance to win a free book) on my Riordian review. I really will post Antiquity 10 asap, and in the meantime encourage my readers to check out my authoring friends linked on the right side of the page. (I’ll add, these aren’t just other sites I happen to like, these are writers I’ve met and/or taken classes with. They’re great folks, all three of them, so do please skip on over and give ’em a read!)


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  1. Thanks for the link-love! Now I feel pressured to actually to a blog post…LOL!

    I need to Tweet your giveaway. 🙂 I also owe you an email (which I had started composing in my head, and that’s as far as it got…).

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