Book Review (and giveaway!) – The Kane Chronicles

As a fan of good childrens and YA writing, I’d like to encourage book lovers to check out Rick Riordan’s latest in the Kane Chronicles series.  ‘The Throne of Fire’ follows ‘The Red Pyramid,’ which introduced brother and sister Carter and Sadie Kane in their exploits with the pantheon of Egyptian gods.

Riordan, perhaps most well-known for the Percy Jackson series (the first book of which, ‘The Lightning Thief,‘ was made into movie) has already introduced young readers to his myth-turned-modern take on the Greek gods.  With an approach that makes religious legend/myth palatable to both secular and religious households, Riordan’s world is laudable for sheer good writing, and for making some complex world-culture topics accessible to a younger audience.

In ‘The Red Pyramid’ readers meet Carter and Sadie Kane, siblings who grew up in separate households but must join forces when they learn that the Egyptian gods intend to interfere with the modern world and that those beings have a vested interest in the Kane children.  Though virtual strangers to each other, Carter and Sadie quickly discover that need one another and that even with the help of powerful relatives, the goddess Bast, and magical animals and abilities, they may not be up to the challenge they must face.

Book two, ‘The Throne of Fire’ begins with a thorough enough overview that even readers brand-new to the series can make sense of what’s happening.  To win a copy of ‘The Throne of Fire’ just post a comment below to enter my free drawing – a winner will be chosen on October 15, 2011.  Good luck, and thanks for reading!



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5 responses to “Book Review (and giveaway!) – The Kane Chronicles

  1. Noelle Bruce

    😀 Delicious!

  2. Jami Weaver

    You know me…can’t pass up the chance to get a new book, lol.

  3. Steven Le

    I am very competitive by nature so I need to enter this to prove I am better than everyone at winning books. Just today I was bragging at how good I was at winning books.

  4. Gawd…you can tell how long it’s been since I looked at the links on my own page (it’s how I remind myself to check the sites of the writers I enjoy). I’m commenting not so much because I want to win a book, but because I’m a freakin’ compulsive commenter. It’s a sickness and I’m planning on seeking professional help (that kind that comes with lots of calories)!

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