Good… Monday

Until I get the bugs worked out of my hostile take-0ver plans (can you launch a hostile take-over of your own empty website?), here’s a stand-in post.  Welcome to my blog, thanks for showing up, and please accept my gracious (wow, from hostile to gracious in one sentence to the next!) invitation to accompany me on an author’s journey.  I’m going to tackle, through research and bravado, how to get published during this age of upheaval in the writing world.  Traditional agent-to-publisher-to-book?  Straight to ebook?  Podio novel?  Free-or-low-cost PDFs?

I was going to wait until I’d decided on an approach before starting a blog, and then thought, why not let the world watch me dither?  I’ve got to learn it anyway, maybe other aspiring writers would benefit from seeing the mayhem unfold (and other onlookers might find it entertaining).  I’ll review as many podcasts, workshops, books, and experiences as I can and offer up anything useful I learn along the way – since I’ve got a lot to learn, that last part may be of especial value to other would-be writers.


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  1. Tess Avery

    I’ve been a fan since before K. P. was published. Wait! That’s now. As a fellow writer asking myself the same questions about publishing I’m happy to have a leader to tuck in behind and explore these paths.

    Thanks K. P.

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